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-Now avaible, a very high quality sticker set

-Spark plug Champion L82 = NGK B6HS
-I found a red spark plug boot - ref Champion PRO5U.

-Can't find a Dansi HT coil now ; you can install a Ducati 432898112. Plug your green wire on the red mark, red on green and black on white mark ; there's a place on green mark to plug the cutting ignition.
-The LT coil can be repared.
-The Dansi ignition system is not available now.

-NEW in France : a complete ignition system kit for your 240. Contact "Atelier Bmz" - See Picture

-How to simplify the wiring diagram (DANSI)

-There are two different ignition covers


-Your old Marzzocchi can be restored by Olivier Pauli - France (See my links)
-I use special S.Miller Betor shock absorbers. With the good adjusting, there aren't so bad. You can find its in France (France Trial Classic - BMZ - Stand Trial...)
-Other good shock absorbers : NJB Expert in UK ; about 85.
-Other cheap shock absorbers : Betor in Spania (Ivancirre link)


-No problem for the rod, we can find it in France, UK and Italia (see in Links Page)


-Operate a good maintenance for the arm. After problem with new plastic bushes, I used 4 bearings. Grease and 4 new seals, my swinging arm works well six months later. The best is to install 2 grease-cocks on the arm. Have a lightly use of the grease-gun to not pushing off the seals.


-Venhill (UK) makes all cables for Fantic ; in France contact FranceTrial Classic - BMZ


-Painting : Epoxy ref; RAL 3000. In France, it costs you about 100 euros.
At the factory, the frame and the arm were immersed in a bath of epoxy resin.


-The Dell'Orto and all its components are available by SWM Europa (see my links)

-I use a 96 main jet. The engine become a little bit wise, a real progress in the mud.
-Some users fit a 26 Mikuni (KT250 for example). With a good adjusting, they say it's better but I can't confirm.

-See where are the jets.



Users manuel and part list are available by Fantic-Motor Club de France, if you're member !


-Cold, hot, the cluth must not cling. If you have to restore it, you can contact BMZ in France. The plates are made by Surflex (Italia). If it seems you a little bit stronger, you can modify the cluth shaft (see page Prepare to race) - Hydraulic control is possible.


-Don't try to wash it with petrol. Prefer hot soapy water. The airbox does a good job but try to wash it each time you go out.



-On the 240pro, the first models had short springs and 4 seals (!). It doesn' work very welI and it's much better with only two. The modification needs a lathe for a new spline. You can also give it to Olivier Pauli (France). He makes that work very well .

-Using 4 strokes 10W30 oil is better than modern fork oil

-See fork system details


-In France you can get the brake shoes easily (AFAM catalogue). The model GF.0200FTR of NEWFREN has a Water stop out system. You can find these shoes at S.Miller's shop.


-To restore the engine, it's possible to rebore and operate a surfacing treatment (see REVALTEC in my links)
-Piston ring and Piston set are available in France, Italia and GB (BMZ - BosisioMotori - R2W)
If you choose to only change the piston ring or piston, be carefull to look at the letter on the piston's top.


-Europeen standard for all seals and bearings. So, you can get its everywhere... France Trial Classic for example (Links)



-There is an adjustable model in France (BMZ). Without Fantic 125 & 200, all the kick stater lever of the Fantic trials are possible, up to Kroo & Section (aluminium).



-This airbox elbow is only suitable for the 240pro. Don't try to adjust the 125 or 200's one.


-The plastics aren't remake. I use Goneli mudguards. Cheap and not so bad, adjusting very easy.
-Side panels are avaible in France (BMZ) and Italia, I think.
-You can refresh your genuine mudguards with special plastic garden chairs spray painting. It's realy amazing !

-Seat & tank : used spares only.


Modern footrests can be easely adjusted with a little work on it. I use strong Apico footrests. Better control, better confort. You haven't to modify the frame.


-The 240'petrol tank is in "thermo-plastic". This materiel can't generaly be painted. A friend's got a solution for a very good result.

Cyrille's solution
1)Sandpaper n 320 to get grip
2)Prim Sika 215
3)Prim Epoxy (OléronLac Prim'Epox)
4)Polyuréthane bi-compo RAL3000 + catalyser anti UV.
6)Drying room
You can contact Cyrille too for this job : pro-quality (see my links)

-In Italia, OMG makes petrol tank cap for this Fantic. (my links)



-Fantic & SWM use the same wheels but the brakes were better with Fantic (different brake shoes?)


BEARING (see Seal)


-No remake for now. Two principal adaptable models are avaible. 1) On my bike, BMZ's modele - stainless steel - about 130 euros - little touches with the tyre in compression 2) Wes'modele - stainless steel - about 85 - no touch with the tyre.


-Change the upper fork clamp by a 200'one is clearly a must. This bike was good, now it's very good ! (see picture on page "prepare for racing")

-The front brake cable abrades slowly the lower fork clamp. Insert something before damage. Let the cable free.


-Find new components on Afam catalogue in France.

-The genuine 11x39 or 12x39 is good for offroad ramble. For serious trial, choose (winter) 11x41 or (summer/dry land) 11x42.


Great majority of 240's spares are avaible in France by BMZ - France Trial CLassic. In Italie : Bosisio Motori. In England, Contact Bob Wright (R2W) and Sammy Miller. See my links for Austria & Germany