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The 240pro gallery


The new toy of Dave

Aaargghh ... !!! I want the same !!!

 Chris Stenven 240

Last update


New email :

 From Dean, California, USA


He was here !

S.S.D.T. 1982 with his favourite bike

A famous bike from Chris (UK)

Air box, home made fibre tank

Titanium footrest, Mikuni 26 carb, 300 silencer

And many other details

 No restaured 240 from Patrice G.

( France)

Fantic-Motor Club de France owner, Christophe Bertail is proud of his restaured bike.

Ready for sections

France :

After 6 months of good work, here's the bike of Eddie Crapet

My new home made 240pro :

249ccm + some secrets

The best bike I ever ride

From Scotland :

"Best twinshock ever built.

Maximum fun, minimum effort !!"

Brian Nichol

From Germany, a special "340" made by Lee Harris with a 249ccm engine

Pascal Cerbonney, French Fantic Club owner, has to work a lot on that poor 240pro.

A few months and a lot of Euros later, it's done !

Pretty nice bike, isn't it ?

English touch from Jake Parker

301 front end, footrest replacement, Falcon shock absorbers, Wes silencer, nice black rims...

Wonderfull !

Original 240 pro

Philippe de Poulpiquet

Fantic-Motor Club de France owner

240'snow version

Picture from :

Jorge De Lorenzo

Valdemanco - Spain

 From Germany, this picture of the Jürgen Baumann's favourite twinshock.

2006 - June. During the Fantic Days at Rochepaule, Ardèche, France.

The off-road center of Bertrand Tatu is a trial paradise for classic and modern bikes.

Beautyfull and vicious section.

Fine when the weather is hot

Olivier Pauli : very good pilot riding a redoubtable proto 240pro

Off road center of Rochepaule - France






Joan Rovira, strong spanish man racing in Spain.

Fine entertainment.

During the restauration of the bike,

can't stop riding !

A 303 engine in a 240 pro frame.

Big work on the frame but the result is fantastic.

This is the unic mystake of this bike. You have to put the exhaust in this position to access to the head.

But when you love it...

Ok guys, it's not genuine spare but it's so confortable !


You have to modify these Apico footrests (S.Miller's shop)

Yes, it's him : Mick Andrews riding a 240pro during the last Madrid's Trophy.

1st of his class at Cabanillas, what a man ! 




With good shock absorbers, it's easy to climb rocks up, even if it's myself riding !






Nacho Tamargo - Trial of Las Rozas (Spain)

Josep Pujol Bayo, Expert (Spain)

Gerhard Pegam

2nd in the Austria championship 1981

A few years later, see him during the german twinshocker championship D-Cup 2006.

Complete restauration

Find more information

and see on page "Bonus"





Here is the beautiful Victor Martin's Fantic 240pro (Spain) 

Seven Days version

Specific details

-Front & rear footrests

-Dual seat

-Special Rear brake lever

-"Seven days" stickers on side panels and head light

-speedometer on bar


The new love of Michael Höllwarth (D)

Seven Days 100% genuine with 900km on speedo

"I can't belive it that the bike is mine"

Fully restored bike from James (GB):

"It has cost a lot but I love it"

Philippe Fouldrain :

Top bike,

+ subtle driving

= a good crew !

 This is the proto of the Fantic 301

In 1985, Thierry Michaud win the Scotish Six Days with this bike. Number 44

_New frame of 301

_New engine 301 with ignition system Ducati

_Exhaust of the 300 modified, ending on right hand

_200 steering clamps

_240 petrol tank

_Side panels modified

_Front brake of the 240pro.

Thanks to Olivier






Send me if you please the best picture of your 240pro