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Fantic-Motor Club de France The bigger and the most active Fantic club over univers.

Free classified advertisements (Fantic only)

FORUM CLUB Private forum of this club


Atelier BMZ (69) Genuine Fantic spare' parts (Fr)


Get some Fantic spares on line and many others things about TY classic trial bikes.

English spoken.


IN MOTION Parts for Fantic twinshocks in UK by Dave Renham


Trial bike specialist. (Fr)


Trial Montreuill An old Fantic french dealer


Dell'Orto dealer for France (Fr)


Cylinder remaking and treatment. High quality working. (Fr)


T.L.R. Bearings, all models. Seals. (Fr)


Head lights, Mud guards...


Cluth plates, Con rods for Fantic bikes


English shock absorbers for classic trial bikes


Venhill (UK) Cables for Fantic


Ivancirre (ESP) Spanish Betor shock absorbers


Wes silencers for Fantic


R2W (UK) Bob Wright deals spares for twinshocks trial Fantic


All Fantic spares in Italia


OMG Italia Petrol taps for Fantic in italia


ATHENA Gasket sets in italia for Fantic


Sammy Miller Severals dealers in France now


Fantic parts in Austria Bernhard Weichenberger (0043 664 1058229) in Salzburg,

Fantic parts in Germany Peter Schwarz (0049 2636 6198) in Niederzissen/ Deutschland

and Edgar Kindsvogel (0049 7250 92376) in Kraichtal/ Deutschland



 Other Good Links

Fantic Officiel To know the new Fantic models, trial and Caballero

Fantic en Italie Pretty site with many informations

Fantic en Norvège Good page from Norway

Fantic en Allemagne A page of historie from Deutchland 

Fantic en Hollande Good to identify your Fantic


Spanish site. Many reportings about classic trials championship. Can see some Fantic in action. Find the superb RG classic boots. Pretty vintage gallery.


A.F.A.T.A. French trial classic championship

Provence Trial Club (PTC) An active club to race in France


Bultaco Trial classic French trial classic club, Bul, Montesa, Fantic...


lOlivier PAULI This friend have a very good knowledge of the 240pro. You can find him somewhere in the south-est of France. He's also a very good pilot :


Cyrille He has a professional solution to repaint your old thermoplastic petrol tank :


Le Guide Vert The bible of off road. Read the article of MTT - 12/81 about 240pro (Fr)


Centre TT Rochepaule (07) A very big off road center near Lyon - France


Centre TT de Larchant (77) Pretty off-road center. 1H00 south Paris Classified Adv. in Italia. Find a Fantic


MotoServices Good generalist web site


Other makes


Cota Montesa (UK)

Cota Montesa (Multi Lang)

Bultaco Models picture


Honda R-TLR Club (FR)

Honda TL125 Pour tout savoir sur ce 4 temps (UK)

Honda Généralist Honda trials (DE)

Beamish Owner's club (UK)

Ossa Généralist Ossa (SP)

Merlin Blog (UK)

Kawa Kawasaki KT 250 (UK)

Yamaha 125TY (FR)

Yamaha All TY (Multi Lang)