200, 240 and 300 Fibre glass tanks by Chris : the lastest version - Contact :

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From Chris Stevens : splendid titanium Raptor footrest kits are available now for 240 / 300pro and cost 110 (+ shipping). These are supplied with weld on steel brackets.

In the near future, Chris will have fibre glass fuel tanks to fit
200,240,300 Fantic, which are a lot slimmer and smaller than the standard parts. Production versions will be available in proper Fantic red, and other colours to special order. Price is going to be around 140.

Further to tanks Chris Stevens also developing a side-panel seat unit, which means you can remove the original parts, and fit a single part which replaces both, and comes with a much lower sheet rubber seat pad, rather than the thick foam original item. These will be in the same colour gel coat as the tanks, and will come complete with fitting kit.

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We can see birth of severels proto Fantic 240 this year until my friend Olivier Pauli had build his own one with a 303 engine and hydraulic clutch. That bike is the french championship 2006.

Living in Germany, Lee Harris is making a proto (340) with a 249,4ccm engine. See it at Jersey event.

France, an other Fantic Club de France owner begins a mix with 240 frame and 300 engine.

France again with myself finishing a "249pro" (301 engine and front fork) - picture -

In England, I guess Chris Stevens developing a hudge Fantic machine...